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Judy Gerber, LE, CPE

Las Vegas, NV


Glass Fantasies Glass Art Pieces

All pieces are created in my own studio. They are handmade and one-of-a-kind. The essence of a piece of glass cannot truly be captured in a photograph; it must be seen and touched to be appreciated for all its unique and intricate beauty Due to the temperature variations in my kiln and the physical changes that occur during the fusing and slumping processes, no piece can ever be exactly duplicated. I can never dictate what the winds of chance will do to each piece. Glass moves, colors flow and meld together as if having a mind of its own. With each step in the firing process each piece comes to life and develops its own unique personality. Every time I open my kiln it is truly a surprise. All of the glass pieces shown below are samples only. They range in cost from approximately $100.00 to $300.00 depending on size, glass colors chosen and intricacy of the piece.

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Candy Dish
Candy Dish Glass Art Piece

This little dish is made with opaque colored stringers of medium and light blue, yellow, black and white fused to clear glass. It has a most delicate, light and airy appearance. Its size is 6" across and 3" in depth.

Hippy Bowl
Hippy Bowl Glass Art Piece

This unique bowl is in colors of almond, terracotta, orange and clear. Its interesting shapes of octagons and triangles only add to its beauty. Its uses are limited only by your imagination. Dimensions: Approx. 10" across the top, 4 1/4" across the bottom and 2 1/2" deep.

Pilgrim Hat
Pilgrim Hat Glass Art Piece

I call this one "Pilgrim". It is made with stringers of both medium and light blue, yellow, black and white fused to clear glass. While being sturdy and waterproof, it has a most delicate, light and airy look. This vase is approximately 8" high, 10" wide at the rim.

Pitcher Glass Art Piece

A Multi-colored vase with bubbles This interesting and colorful art glass piece is made of colored bars of red, black, white, yellow, pink, blue and green, as well as all kinds of captured bubbles imbedded in clear. There are subtle variations of texture going from clear glass to frosted at the pitcher mouth that were made by the kiln alone without any help from me. This piece is approx. 7" high by 10" across.

Striped Dish
Striped Dish Glass Art Piece

This plate was made with stringers of blues, greens and yellow and is approx. 8" across.

Landscape Glass Art Piece

This circular piece is made with colors of blues, greens, pink, red and white along with rainbow iridescent black. This piece is 11" in diameter, approx. 1/4" thick and fits very nicely in a black iron decorative stand (not shown). Stands are also available from most art glass stores.

Glittering Ocean
Glittering Ocean Glass Art Piece

This piece is a 12" Flat Square, done in transparent greens and blues with iridized clear and sits on a Lucite stand. It can also be framed and hung in a window.

Stratavarious Glass Art Piece

This piece was made with the same opalescent stringers used in the Sushi Dish. The straight strands were morphed into these beautiful curves by the kiln. It is approx. 8" square.

Seabed Glass Art Piece

This piece is done almost entirely with glass dust. It can be framed for hanging in a window or placed in a stand on a window sill. Pieces done in the "Glass Painting" style should be positioned so light can shine through them.