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Judy Gerber - Energy Healing - Las Vegas, NV

Energy Healing

Reiki-Synergy for Mind, Body and Spirit
Judy Gerber:
Emotion Code Certified Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher


For your convenience, distance energy healing sessions may be paid for using PayPal. I also accept major credit cards (except AMEX) directly, if you prefer.

Energy Healing Sessions

You are invited to take a walk along the Energy Healing path. During your journey you may learn things new, interesting and occasionally wondrous. My Reiki-Synergy practice is a holistic and totally natural way to connect you with the Universal Life Energy. By cleansing your energy fields and removing your Trapped Emotions it is my sincerest desire to bring health, peace and well-being to your life, as well as enlightenment to your soul. Let us work together for your betterment to heal and empower you, so you are able to make the changes to your life you've always wanted and needed.

What is Reiki - Synergy?

SYNERGY means "to work together". Using Reiki along with other energy techniques such as Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code technique, Kinesiology Meridian Massage, Quantum Touch, Theta Brainwave State, or Chakra healing, your ability to heal is increased many times over.

What is the Universal Life Energy?

It is both indescribable and indestructible. It is whatever grounds you spiritually. It is known by many names, as many as we have religions, philosophies and ideologies. Some people feel it is the energy, the "Chi" or "Ki" that inhabits all life, the planet and the Universe. Some people are sure it comes from God.

A Very Brief History of Reiki.

Judy Gerber - Reiki Master/Teacher - Las Vegas, NV

Pronounced Ray-Key (or Lei-Key), it was Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk, who first developed Reiki in the early 1900's. While on a Satori (a personal journey), Dr. Usui experienced a connection with the Universal Life Energy, after which he discovered he had the ability to heal with his hands. Dr. Usui had many students, one of whom was Dr. Chijiro Hayashi who later earned the title of Grand Master. Under Dr. Hayashi's tutelage Mrs. Hawayo Takata earned the title of Reiki Master and became his successor. She brought Reiki from Japan, where she experienced its power, to the west when she set up her practice in Hawaii. Upon her death she left 22 Reiki Masters in the USA and Canada.

Exactly what does a Reiki treatment consist of?

I as the practitioner become the "hollow reed" and transfer the healing energy through my hands to you. I do not usually touch you. However, at times it is more beneficial to physically touch an affected area. I will always ask your permission first. It is not necessary to remove any of your clothing. You may remove your shoes if you wish. I suggest you wear loose and comfortable clothing.

How does Reiki work?

Some believe it is a spiritual connection with the universe or God. Some believe it is a force that can be measured with electronic instruments. There are those who say through the use of Kurlian photography, Reiki has already been shown to exist. What ever it is, it is most definitely a gift that we all have within us. We need only learn how to tap into the source. As with any skill, the more you practice the better you become at doing it. As for me, Reiki simply is.

Reiki and Me.

There are many forms of Reiki available. I practice the Usui System of Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho). For those who want to know, this is my lineage:

Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chijiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Lee Furimoto
Virginia Sandoval and Iris Ishikuru
Arthur Robertson and Linda Kaiser
Richard Gubbe
Robin Lynne
Romina Hoda
Dianne Hoda

A short explanation of the Emotion Code and Trapped Emotions.

How many times have you heard a friend or relative say, "I just came back from the doctor's office. He says he doesn't know why I have this problem. He says it must be STRESS."

Think about it. What is STRESS?

I believe it is your emotional response to a specific situation. These emotions can become trapped anywhere in our bodies when we don't release them. Every time we relive the experience in memory, our bodies think the event is happening again, now, in real time. We can even have the same physiological responses we had when the event took place.

Judy Gerber - Certified Emotion Code Practiioner - Las Vegas, NV

The Emotion Code technique uncovers and releases these Trapped Emotions that you have been holding inside of you. To quote Dr. Bradley Nelson, "Trapped Emotions are Negative Energies that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events. Because your body is made of pure energy, these Negative Energies can exert a damaging force, which worsens over time. Trapped Emotions can cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease."

One of the best parts of the Emotion Code technique is the release of Heart-Walls. When we have heartache our hearts will build emotional walls around themselves for protection. These Heart-Walls can stop us from giving and receiving love. When Heart-Walls come down we are more open to receive.

The Emotion Code is non-invasive and safe. You will find the technique fast, long lasting and effective.

Who can benefit from a session?

Working only for good, these forms of Healing can be performed on anyone, children, adults, the elderly, even those that are unconscious, regardless of age or health status. It can be performed on animals too. Animals love and understand energy healing. All I need is permission from the responsible adult. All these types of Healing can be done either hands on or hands off. Amazingly enough the client does not even have to be present in the room to feel the effects of Healing Energy. It is common practice to send Healing Energy over any distance, from across the room to across the planet. Human beings are amazing creatures with miraculous abilities if they allow themselves believe.

Sessions usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many "Trapped Emotions" are found and released. Usually sessions are done a few days to a week or so apart to allow the body to "process" the work from the previous session. I will send you an email within 48 hours of your session containing all the information, along with a detailed explanation of everything I discovered from the session.

I am able to have an Emotion Code session with you either in person, by email, by phone, or via Skype over the internet.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.